Helping amphibians to survive

CentrePawsMapThe Patrol extends along Youngmans Road from the junction with Barnham Broom Road up to Wood Farm vets

There is often traffic going to and from Wood Farm Vets which is open until 6.30 and they may be in emergency mode. Otherwise the majority of traffic is from the housing along that road.

There are several ponds on either side of the road – one is in the field near the junction and the others are the opposite side but well away from the road. It is therefore not easy to tell which ponds the toads are aiming for or whether they are incoming or outgoing. There are a few entrances to fields where toads can be put to find their own way. At present it does not appear that the toads are crossing Barnham Broom – but do keep an eye out to make sure this is still the case.

There are no specific risks to this site There is no need to go anywhere near any of the ponds. There are pot-holes along the road but they are clearly visible.

We have permission to use the Centre Paws car park. As you come from Tuttles lane take the entrance just before Youngmans Road (marked in blue on the map). Park sensibly and go through the gate towards the café - with the duckpond on your right. Walk in front of the café and the between the farm house and the camp site to come out on Youngmans Road half way along the patrol route (marked in yellow). Please respect the privacy of the owners and any campers.

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Risk Assessment