Helping amphibians to survive

Toadwatch only operates in Norfolk - please see Froglife for the rest of the UK.

Frogs, Toads and Newts are all threatened by loss of habitat and by diseases introduced from abroad.  Toads are more particular than frogs about where they breed and spend the winter further away from their breeding sites, which means that toads have to cross more roads than frogs.

Many toads are killed when they cross roads to get back to their breeding pond in spring.   The toads move after dusk when it is damp and warmer than 5c.  Toadwatch volunteers help the toads to cross the roads safely - without this help many toad populations would become extinct.   Please see the About page for background information about toads and also How we Patrol to save the toads.

Were we Patrol has a map to show the patrol locations and information about each patrol.

The migration usually starts in February and continues to the end of March.  You can see the number of animals saved for the current and previous years on the Records page.  

You can support Froglife (the national charity that looks after amphibians) by becoming a Froglife Friend