Helping amphibians to survive

Many of the patrols use Google Sheets as a shared rota.  There is a Sheet for each patrol,  the Sheet URLs are given to patrol members.  

At the start of the season, please check - 

  1. You appear on the correct rotas.  
  2. On the Contacts tab -
    1. Phone number is correct, preferably your mobile.   If you are on second shift then the first shift will ring you to tell you whether you need to come out or not.
    2. Put a Y in the Occasional column if you only help occasionally at a patrol if there is a shortage of patrollers there.   This is so that everyone can see how many regular patrollers there are at a patrol and does not wonder why some people rarely put themselves on the rota!   There are people who plug the gaps at multiple patrols.
    3. Put the year that you last told us that you are still helping under Confirmed OK, so that we know who is still active.
    4. Put a Y on the Experienced column if you have previously patrolled at the site.  This is so we know who needs training.

Each week

The rota of the next week will be made available on the previous Friday,  the shift start times are shown at the top left of the sheet and gets about 10 minutes later each week. 

Please show your availability by entering one of the following letters - 

  • L -   Leader (one person per evening, who will take the first shift). The Leader volunteers to take responsibility for cancelling the second shift if not needed.  The leader will take the contact numbers for other members who are available on the night and call them if more help is needed for a toad rush.
  • Y - you will go out on the shift
  • A - you are available if needed for a toad rush

Links to the Rotas

  • The emails sent out by Google Groups have links to the Rotas that are in the form - . This link will open the sheet at the first current tab (week) and it is ok to bookmark the link.
  • If you bookmark a specific week then you will save a link that has gid=1111 or similar at the end and if you use that link in future then you will revert to the historic week and make that week avaialble after it has been hidden.  The easy thing to do is to bookmark the Contact tab because that link is constant.
  • If you are not on a rota that you should be on,  please ask the patrol manager to add you.  Don't click on the + at the bottom of the sheet because that adds a whole new tab.
  • It is easiest to edit the rota on a browser running on a laptop or desktop,   If you want to use a mobile device then you need to install the Google Sheets app for the device in order to edit - you can view without the app.  There are links at the bottom of the page at to download the app.