Helping amphibians to survive

This site is at The Green Wicklewood NR189PX. From Top Road at the junction of High Oak Lane, down Top Road and along The Green to the junction at Wood Lane (by the Wicklewood Auto Centre).

The road can be deceptively busy and as it is technically a national speed limit, care should be taken.

Two of the ponds are on private land of Vicarage Farm and the other is also on private land so please keep to the road and do not enter the farm land by going up the drive or walking on the grass towards the ponds.

Please do not block entrances when parking,  there is parking is in front of the post box but please do not block the entrance to the barn.

Amphibians which are headed for the pond to left of the farm entrance can easily be placed on the grass. Those headed for the right of the farm entrance may need to be “helped up the kerb” but there is no need to go to the pond. Those on Top Road may be headed for either pond. There are gaps in the hedge where the pond can be seen through it and they can be placed in these entrances.

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Risk Assessment