Helping amphibians to survive

The toads come from all directions to the pond near the bus stop. We operate a rota system and aim to have 2 patrollers out for a shift of no longer than 2 hours.

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The farmer has cut slots through the bank on Hethersett Rd but the toads still seem determined to walk all the way up the road to the T junction, which exposes them to the worst of the traffic. It is thought that toads retrace the steps that they took when they first left the pond as toadlets. We possess three fixed signs that can be erected on the the three roads leading to the pond, once the migration starts.

We operate a rota system of 2 shifts per evening. The Postcode is NR9 3BG.   Please park at the locations shown by a P on the picture to the left (click to enlarge).  It is possible to get two cars on the driveway to the pumping station that lies to the East of the last house. 

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