Helping amphibians to survive

There are two patrols at Little Massingham, both on Church Lane

Lily Pond

This patrol runs between Little Massingham Church and Middle Farm with toads moving along the single lane track of Church Lane from both directions.

Numbers have declined with males waiting for females on the slope between Lily Pond and Little Massingham Church putting them at risk of being hit by vehicles. This Pond has seen an increase recently, likely thanks to the woodland surrounding and to the south of Lily Pond providing good terrestrial refuge and foraging areas.

Hall Farm

A very productive pond in the area with toads crossing and moving along Church Lane to get to the pond, but also along and across Mad Dog Lane. Mad Dog Lane can be busy and there is sometimes farm traffic along Church Lane. Most movement is between Hyde Park Corner (on OS Maps) and the Church Lane/Mad Dog Lane junction with many toads coming onto Church Lane from the public footpath to the south which runs to a section of Mad Dog Lane closer to Great Massingham.

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