Helping amphibians to survive


Whilst patrolling at Wramplingham Road on Tuesday, I noticed about 8 male toads on the verges near to the pond.  Several were mostly  submerged in large puddles!  The toads stayed in much the same position for all the time that I was there - sometimes they turned round to face the other direction. 

I'm pretty sure that these males had come out of the pond for the evening in order to spot any incoming females and hoped to get ahead of the competition - there are many more males than females.  

The toads that were sitting around at Wramplingham Rd were in safe positions and did not need to cross the road to get back to the pond so I left them to it at the end of the patrol.

At Carleton Forehoe a female toad crossed the road from west to east at the south side of the bridge.   It was difficult to know whether she was arriving or leaving so we placed her in the wood to the SE of the bridge, where she could choose the woods or the river - she was later seen marching into the woods,

It is tempting to pick up a toad as soon as you see it and put it in the pond but sometimes it is best to move away and see what the toad does - where the traffic permits.  Try not to shine the full torch beam at the toad because the toad will often move away from the light.