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Toadwatch Records

In previous years we have used a shared Google Sheet for Patrol Managers to update their daily site reports.  This has worked better for some people than others as it depended on the device in use and whether or not people had a Google Account.  We have some new site managers this year and it would be best if everyone can use the portal to input their numbers directly - this should be easier to use and removes the possibility of accidental corruption from someone's cat walking over the keyboard (it has happened!).   The numbers will then go straight into the national totals that can be seen by all patrollers.

Patrol Managers have the choice of asking patrollers to enter their own records or of entering a daily site summary themselves - see Inviting Patrollers to Register.  Because Toadwatch numbers are of interest to a wider audience and because not all patrollers will register, the Toadwatch website will continue to show a year to date summary and a daily report by site but the data will come from the Froglife portal.