Helping amphibians to survive

The site is near to Wramplingham Road, the precise location is not shown at the request of the landowner.   The toads ae travelling to the breeding pond from the surrounding fields and woodlands.

From Wymondham, take the Melton Road from Tuttles Lane. The first turning left is Wramplingham Road.  There are toad signs where we patrol, the signs are opened when toads are moving.

We have been asked by the farmer not to park on the nearby concrete pad, as parking there might encourage others to use it for fly tipping etc.  We park on the north verge of Youngmans Rd about 20m from the junction with Wramplingham Rd but taking care not to obstruct the entrance to the bungalow opposite and not to squash any toads that might be sitting there!.

There are no specific dangers to be aware of (other than the usual risk assessment common to all patrols - see Safety Notes at How we Patrol )

The pond is not accessible (for humans) from the road and is surrounded by hedges. There is a cut-through the toads can be put into so that they can access the pond. 

At the end of the season, the returning toads can be put in the field entrances nearby, new toaders will be shown where.

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